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Types of bathroom exhaust fans

As technology has gotten better, the types of exhaust fans has also. They are more effiecent at removing the moisture from a bathroom, while also being quieter than the original fans. You can now find fans that will add a different feature to your bathroom. Small changes can make a big difference in an older bathroom.

Standard exhaust fan: This fan does not have any bells and whistles. It does only one job. It will get rid of the moisture in the bathroom. The builder grade fans are the loudest, but they are also the cheapest. These fans are smaller in length and width. They have better versions of this fan as you pay more money. They might have a humidity sensing feature on them. This will allow the fan to turn on automatically when the room has too much moisture. The higher grade fan in this category will be so quiet that you won`t know it`s running.

Exhaust fan with light: This fan is commonly used in a bathroom that may have either been an addition, or in an area where there is not enough light. I`ve seen them inside of a shower. The fan is normally pretty quiet. If wired a certain way, the light and fan can be switched independantly instead of both being on at the same time.

Exhaust fan with light and heater: This fan requires that the correct circuit be ran to it for it to work correctly. The heating element will work at the rate of a space heater. If you have a colder bathroom, then this will help with that problem. The light is perfect if this is your only method of light in this bathroom. The fan is normally pretty good quality. All three parts of this fan can be switched seperately, and will need to be in order for it to work correctly.

Exhaust fan with bluetooth speaker: This is a very nice addition to nearly any bathroom. In the old days, people would have a radio by the tub. This was dangerous. Some people just used their phones to play music or listen to other things while in the shower or tub. With this exhaust fan, there are no more dangers of getting shocked, or losing your phone to water damage. You can just sync your phone to the bluetooth signal that the exhaust fan emits. You will have the ability to listen to anything. You may also take calls and voice it through the speaker on the fan. The fan is always high quality. It will be one of the quieter fans that can be purchased.

Exhaust fan with light, and bluetooth speaker: This is the best type of fan that money can buy. You will have a quiet fan. The light will be bright. You will also have a nice speaker to listen to all of your different things. This is perfect addition to a new bathroom, or an older one. You children can be entertained while bathing. The features can be switched seperately if wired a certain way. You also have some smart fan models that work mostly with a special app. It will give you the ability to change the color temperature of the light, control the volume, and turn on the fan just by speaking to it.

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