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Surge Protection

There are multiple types of surge protection devices used in homes and businesses. I want to talk about the three most common types used in homes.

  1. Whole house surge protection : This device is installed inside of the electrical panel. It is designed to be the first line of defense from a major power surge. If installed correctly, it will be the device that takes the hit before appliances and electronics. Each manufacturer of surge protection devices has a different warranty payout amount should a device get damaged while surge protection is in place. The higher priced protection has the better warranty coverage.

  2. Surge protection receptacle: This device is used to protect a specific piece of equipment. I have most commonly installed it at the end of a circuit for gym equipment. Most treadmills and other at home equipment with electronics and motors list on the instructions to unplug them after use. This device is installed there in case the owner does not always follow directions. I have also installed this protection for computers. It is not a bad option if you don't have room in the electrical panel for whole house surge protection, but still want some protection for certain items. I would be looking at a panel upgrade if there is no room.

  3. Surge protection plug in strips: There are so many types of devices like these. The cheaper ones are most commonly used. There are higher quality types that are able to protection from overloading the device. It also has the ability to protect smaller electronics when being charged by this device. The warranty periods for these devices are shorter. It is my least suggested form of surge protector. This is due to most homeowners filling up the strips with multiple devices, and at times another surge protector strip.

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