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I believe in doing the right thing

In person estimates are very important. You get the chance to see any potential issues that might require more work to be done. You may not see certain things until you begin work at times.The customer spoke to me about replacing a ceiling fan with a new one. I noticed that something was off as I was removing the existing fan. The fan was very loose. I took down each piece of the fan piece by piece to make it easier to move around small space. I'm glad that I did. As I was removing the motor, I noticed that the fan was not installed on a fan rated junction box. The fan's weight was also supported in the ceiling by a brick being wrapped around the strain relief wire that this fan had. The original installer knew that they were doing something wrong, but they still wanted to make a quick dollar. I let the customer know about these issues, and I let them know that I would not be installing the new fan without installing a fan rated junction box first. It made the job cost a little more, but I'll walk away from a job instead of doing something unsafe. I was able to proceed after showing the customer the issues, and going over the pricing. I brought the brick down out of the attic. I installed the new fan rated junction box, and installed the new fan properly. I will always do the right thing on a job for any customer. I will not cut corners to do an unsafe job. If you are in DC, MD, or Northern VA, I want to provide great service to your home or business. Schedule an estimate on my website today. If you see the black glove, Electrical OJ did it.

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