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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 9

I got to November 2015. I went to an apprenticeship location called IEC. I also went to another one called ABC. They are both similar apprenticeships. The pricing to go to each one was nearly the same. I had to take a short test at both locations. I decided that I would go to IEC. I was scheduled to start my first year of class in January 2016. This was the first time that they were offering a January class.

Before class was to start, I began working for another small electrical contractor. They were small, but they did big solar jobs. They also did residential and commercial service work. I spent most of my time on that side. I love service. I like being able to travel to different places instead of being stuck at the same job for months. Working there was great. I learned why I was doing certain things. We study the electrical code book for years. I never understood how the code articles related to the field work until I started working here. I felt like this was the best company ever to work for if you`re an apprentice. They always took their time to do things the right way. They showed you how to use your tools. They explained what needed to be done clearly.They had really large jobs, so there was no time for miscommunications. I really liked working there.

I started classes at the beginning of January 2016. The school year was scheduled to end in June 2016. The first day of class was pretty cool. A rep from Milwaukee tools gave us free tools to start the year. No other class had been given those things. Our teacher for the class was a very young master electrician. He seemed worn out during each class. Our classes started at 5pm. We were all coming from a job, and then sitting down at a desk, including the teacher. He was working for a commercial company during the day. Our teacher didn`t last more than 5 classes before he quit. It was just too hard for him to teach after working.

We ended up with a new teacher. This teacher was great. There was no one that was confused by what he was teaching. He always made time to help explain different concepts of the electrical code. With his teaching and the teaching from being in the field, I felt like I was getting better each day as an electrician. I completed my first year with a 95 GPA. It was the highest in the class. The next year started in September. I only had a short time in between the school years. I was looking forward to learning more.

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