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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 8

I had a new focus to begin 2015. I saw myself getting better as an electrician. It was slowly, but learning takes time. I started working for a contractor in April. This was a full-time position. The first job was doing work in a high rise condo that was being built from the ground up. This was the first time that I've ever seen a floor being built. I didn't use my tools as often starting out. I was being used to gather materials or equipment for the other electricians. There is always a lesson to learn with this job. I learned the names about the trade names of different materials.

I was sent to another job site after the first job started slowing down with work. This was one of the best things that could've happened to me. There are times where companies have leadership that create racial tensions within their employees that they are supposed to be leading. The first job site had a lot of that going on. When I went to the next job site, the foreman was a great guy to work for. Everyone seemed to like him. He let us work and take breaks whenever we wanted. The workers worked harder for him. When they told us that we needed to get more work done, most people worked between 10-14 hours per day to get the jobs done. There was a school that was being remodeled during summer break. We did everything we could to make sure all of the new lighting and power were in place before the first day of classes. I learned how to do jobs in different ways. I started gaining more responsibilities, and with that brought more confidence.

Things were mostly good at this job. I learned a valuable lesson on this job. Someone broke into the box that was used to store tools. A lot of workers kept their tools in there overnight to avoid dragging them back home each day. Someone broke into the school and stole a lot of those tools. I felt bad for one guy that lost everything that he had. He had to borrow tools each day because he couldn't afford to buy more new tools. We all helped him to ensure that he could work.

This job started slowing down as we got close to the school year. They called a group meeting one day. I was one of 10 people that was laid off that day. I found another contractor within the same week. I didn't want to waste my new skills that I learned. I was a little closer to registering for the apprenticeship during this time.

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