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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 6

During the final four weeks of my one year program, there were quite a few things to deal with. I needed to finish my resume. I had to find a future electrical contractor to work under. I needed to complete my road test to get my drivers license. I also needed to put in my notice that I was about to quit working at the grocery store.

I got my license during the second week of February. I got my first car on the same day. I learned that you can`t work in this trade without being able to drive to each job. During this time, my wife and I got engaged. I took an interview with a small residential company that was near our home at the time. They hired me, but my start date wasn`t until after I finished school. I gave the store my notice after I got hired. My wife and I drove to her childhood home to celebrate her birthday. Things were looking positive as the month of February ended.

March was not such a great month. There was a pretty big snowstorm during that time. My wife had a really big death in her family, after just seeing them while we were in town. We drove back to her town in the snow to help with the funeral. It was just an overall sad time. I finished school, but it didn`t feel the same. I finally started working in the electrical trade with this very small company. I was eager to learn and work in the trade finally.

Some of my other classmates got jobs right out of class also. There weren`t many that did go straight into the field. The plan was to use whatever knowledge that I gained in school to build my skills. I had to continue to follow the instructions of whoever was leading me in order to keep learning. I was very happy to be on my first job. The job was a full remodel of an old row house in Georgetown. I expected to learn from the journeyman that ran that job. I ended up learning more from the apprentices that were on the same job. The journeyman would give me a task and expected me to figure out how to do it already. It took some time to learn a valuable lesson. Small companies don`t take the time to teach things. They hire you expecting you to know how to do some of the work. I was honest about my level of skill in my interview. I let them know that I was here to learn and work. I was always on time for two weeks. I came into the office for my third week expecting to work. I was told that I was fired. This devastated me. I had just left a job that I had been working at for eight years. I didn`t even last a month at my new job.

I didn`t know what to do. How will I make money? Did I make a mistake by going into this trade? What could I have done differently? I had so many questions, but I had no time to answer any of them. I needed to figure how what my next step would be. I have people depending on me to make it in this career. I couldn`t let them down.

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