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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 4

I did quite a bit of research on how to get into the electrical trade. In 2012, I still couldn`t find an exact path on how to get started. I started seeing technical schools pop up in my searches. I found a company called Kaplan that had an electrical technician program. They advertised it as being a path into the electrical trade. I went to view the campus. They had other one year programs. It seemed like a good idea to get started this way. I think that I had to take a test to be eligible for this program. I passed that. The only thing that was missing was my GED. I had the test scheduled. I was going to take it two weeks after I visited the campus at the end of November 2012.

During this time, I was studying hard on the things that would be on the test. There were four sections of the test. You had to pass reading, writing, math, and science if I remember correctly. It takes time to prepare for any type of test. I never feel nervous about taking one because there are only two outcomes. You will never fail at anything if you work hard and try. I always feel like I have a lot of people depending on me. I have to try. I will never let anyone down by not trying to reach the goal.

I got to test day right after Thanksgiving 2012. There were people of all ages at the testing site. We were all working towards one goal. We wanted to better our lives. The first week was reading and math. The following week was science and writing. I remember the final part of the test was to write an essay about a time when you needed to plan for something. I passed the final part of the test in December 2012. My diploma was mailed to me during the first week of January 2013. I got that goal out of the way. It was time to move on to the next goal. In a few months I would be starting my first day of class.

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