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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 3

I was able to see my sister before she died. I dealt with the funeral with the rest of my family not long after. That was a hard period to get through for my family. I still had my own issues with figuring out a career. I was closer to finding a path.

I remember sitting at home on an off day. My girlfriend and I were trying to discuss career paths. I had only been doing jobs that were customer service related. My first job was my favorite job ever. I was a food vendor at old Busch Stadium, in St. Louis. There's never been anything more fun than watching my favorite team play while working. I got to be around my fellow fans each game. Since all of my jobs throughout the years were customer service related, I felt like I could deal with different personalities. I wanted to do something for a career where I could continue to make a difference.

I brought up trying to become a police officer. She didn`t feel comfortable with me going that route. It was something that I wanted to do as a child. I hadn`t thought about it much once I got older. We both thought about going into different trades. At some point, we brought up plumbing. That option was scratched off quickly. I respect what they do. I didn`t think that it would be a realistic option. I thought about doing something in aerospace. I`ve always loved science and flying vehicles. I remember really enjoying my 9th grade class on that subject. The problem with that one was that I didn`t currently have my high school diploma. Even after getting it, the next issue would be how long would I have to go to school for something like that? The next option was working to become either an electrical engineer or electrician. I started exploring what it may take to do one of these three careers. I was in a high school science class that taught us about basic electrical circuits. It seemed interesting. I felt like I could possibly do one of these things. The most important thing that I got from doing this research was that I needed to get my GED.

I knew that I was smart enough to get my GED. I feel like you can do anything if study and work hard enough for it. I hadn`t been in a school setting for years. I never stopped reading. I registered for the late November test in 2012. It was around mid October when I did this. I started reading up more on getting into the electrical field. I felt like I needed to make money now, so I decided that I wanted to go into the electrical trade. I started reading up on what an electrician does. There are multiple phases of the electrical trade. I never knew how important electricity was. Did you know that the electrician is the one that sets up the electric chair?

I couldn`t stop reading about the different things that an electrician does. I started reading about how to become a master electrician. That really caught my eye. I said to myself that it would be great to be called the master of a trade. I liked seeing that I didn`t have to worry about anyone above me telling me what path I could take. I didn`t have to worry about not being able to move up from an apprentice, to a journeyman, to a master. I didn`t have any tradesmen in my family. There was no one to talk to about the pros and cons about becoming an electrician. At this time, I had only used a screwdriver to put together Ikea furniture. I knew nothing about doing the work. I had to figure out the next steps, but first I had to take the GED test.

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