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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 17

I finally got the approval to take the master electrician exam. I needed to send in a letter of verification from the county with whom I received my journeyman license. This was the final document that verified my years of experience. I had to pay an additional $150 to a testing company called PSI before I could register for a test date. All test were done on Thursdays. I was tempted to take it two days later. I decided to wait a few weeks. My mother was coming to town, and I didn't want the distractions of hosting, and taking the most important test of my life.

I used those two weeks to focus on only calculations. I've been studying for this thing for years. I wanted to brush up on the things that I'm not forced to use every day in the field. I got to test day. I remember waking up early from the anticipation of getting to the testing office. I spent a few more hours studying that morning. I ate a nice breakfast. I drove to the testing office early to avoid any type of traffic issues. There was an accident that caused me to get there only 10 minutes before testing time instead of 40 minutes ahead of time.

I got to the testing office. There are multiple people there taking tests for other licenses and certifications. Each test has a different time limit. I had to give the testing rep my electrician code book to inspect for any items that may not be allowed in the testing area. All phones and any other items are locked away. They give you a calculator and a digital notepad to write on. The test is all multiple choice on a computer. The test was 4.5 hours. I started off slow with my answers. I kept seeing the clock countdown on the screen. I made it through the first hour of the test only answering 20 questions out of the 90. Things started to get better as I started finding answers faster. I got to the final 10 minutes of the test, and used it to go over each question. I made a few changes to answers for questions that I didn't read clearly the first time. I finished the test. I completed a questionnaire about the test taking process. At the end, I saw "Congratulations Passed". I wanted to jump up out of my seat, but other people were testing.

I received my document with my picture and proof of passing the test. I called my wife immediately and told her the great news. This was the biggest accomplishment of my life. I worked so hard to complete this goal. I sacrificed a lot to get here. I was very proud. All of my family and friends were also proud. I always tell people that you can do anything if you study and prepare for it. People may tell you something is hard and give excuses why something can't be done. You have just to put in the work. If I can learn all of these things, someone else can too. The key is to never give up on your goals. It may be far way. There will be days when you hate everything and where you are currently in life. You have to stay on the path.

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