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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 13

The end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 looked really positive. My wife and I came back from a short vacation at the end of February. More news articles started picking up about the coming pandemic during the beginning of March. Customers started getting scared. They started canceling their appointments for their service calls. The company that I was working for started giving us one job per day.

I got to the second week of March 2020. I was let go by this company. They didn`t have any work for me to do. That same night, the NBA shutdown began. This signaled the start of other things shutting down. I had no idea what I would do. I applied for other companies with no success. No one had a method for how they could interview me or anyone else. I was pretty much stuck at this point. I remember going to view my own potential job during that time. The customer was terrified of me being there. She wanted me to stand 30 feet away with a respirator on. She still didn`t feel comfortable by me doing that. I never did work for her.

A few weeks go by with very little work. More people started working from home. Once that started, things changed. There were more power issues in homes from the adults and children sharing the same power sources and wifi. My phone wouldn`t stop ringing from customers that needed additional circuits or ways to strengthen their wifi signals. I started filling up my schedule three weeks out. Things were looking great, but I still needed to reach the ultimate goal. The plan was to try to take the master electrician exam in October 2020. No testing was being done for a period of time that year. The states were transitioning to using a third party for all testing. I also needed to work for someone again in order for my hours to be signed off on to take the test. This time period taught me a lesson. I`m going to survive throughout any issues that I may come across. I worked too hard to just sit at home and not use my skills.

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