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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 12

I made so much progress from the time that I got started in the trade, up until now. I reached the second highest level in my profession by getting my journeyman license. With each level that I reach, brings more responsibility. I started driving the company work vehicles. I was able to take it home after work. I was given bigger jobs to lead. I went from leading one or two other people on a smaller site, to leading 10 on a huge site.

I always feel like no one is really prepared to do a job when they first get it. You can be the president for the first time, but not know how to do all parts of the job. You learn different things from other experienced people. You have to be willing to do that because you don`t know everything. You will make mistakes. You just keep learning. I had to learn how to lead people based on what they can and can`t do well. I had to learn how to manage time better. I had to learn how to deal with egos from older workers that felt like they should be running the job. You also have to learn how to take the anger from a customer without losing your cool.

I got better with each day at all of those things. The biggest thing about making it to journeyman status is that my services were needed by more people. I had more job opportunities. I started slowly building my own business during this time. It was around this time that I started thinking that it might not be a bad idea to try to build something. I never really wanted to work for someone for the rest of my life. It didn`t seem like a path that I wanted to go down after wasting 8 years of working for someone. I wanted to slowly build because I needed to learn so many things to run a business. I had a lot to learn. During this time, I was working during the days, overnights, and on call every other week. I started making more money. I also started having to do more work. I`m a leader. I was ready and willing to handle more challenges.

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