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How I decided to become a master electrician Part 11

I spent most of 2018 getting better as an electrician. My wife and I had been living in our first home for over a year. She got me the Mike Holt collection to study for the journeyman exam for my birthday. I started studying it in 2017. I never stopped studying in 2018. I got to September 2018, and I registered for the journeyman exam. I was approved and had a test date for October 2018. I was really looking forward to completing this next goal.

Test day was on Saturday, October, 27th, 2018. I got up early and had breakfast. I was always told that you should get up and have a good breakfast before a big test. I brushed up on a few things before leaving the house. I got to the testing site. There were about twenty people there. Each person was there to test for something different. There were people testing for journeyman, master, and there was one homeowner that was testing to be able to pull a permit to do the electrical in their own home. I read during registration that the test would be under a previous code book. When they sent me my approval email, it showed that the test would be under the current 2017 code book. There was a guy that had the incorrect book for the test. This is important because we had to cite the correct code article along with our answer. Things move around a little in the code books. It may just be a page number. Some of his questions could be wrong just by missing the article number. He seemed very nervous during the test. He told us that he had failed twice.

The test was fifty questions. I finished it with over an hour to spare in a four hour test. I used an hour to go over all of my answers before passing my test in. I always feel like you should use as much time as you can to verify that you have the correct answers. Don`t rush yourself if you have extra time to look over things. Reading an question too fast can cause you to miss a keyword. I feel like I will pass any test if I study. I don`t add any additional pressure on myself when it comes to taking a test. I passed my test in, and the people looked over it quickly. They told me that I passed it, but I got the official letter about a week later. I was very proud of myself. I reached another goal. It was time to work towards the next goal.

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