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Goals for 2024

The year of 2023 has been filled with many things. I officially started my business on my own. I've met so many helpful people. I've learned about the different types of insurance. I learned about the purpose of bond insurance for bigger jobs that require one. I learned about new ways to do my job and be more effective. The biggest thing that I learned was that I've always been a leader. Throughout my younger years, I've never followed a crowd. I've done things my way. I've never been afraid to take risks. I've never been afraid to fail. As I took all of the steps to become a master electrician, I didn't listen to any of the people from my past that told me that I could succeed if I tried hard enough.

I've had a lot of great things happen this year. I've also had some of the worst times of my life this year. In the year 2024, I want to avoid past mistakes from building my business. I have some goals that I would really like to reach in the upcoming year. With hard work, I expect to reach these goals.

  1. Complete a job that requires a permit to be pulled: This seemed a like simple goal to complete in 2023. I really felt like I would be doing service upgrades and bigger jobs as soon as I got my master electrician licenses. I haven't been able to nail down the jobs that would require them. I'm very hopeful that I can get these bigger jobs. I want the company to grow.

  2. Complete a service upgrade: I've completed many service upgrades with companies with whom I worked for. I know all of the steps and requirements to complete these jobs. I know how to pass inspections. I hope to complete several of these jobs.

  3. Meet more property management companies: I really enjoy service work. I like being able to see new places each day. Repairing things at multiple properties is really nice. I'm very thankful to have a working relationship with a few property management companies. They have really helped me survive in my first year. I will never be rude to any of the tenants, and I will always try to ease any concerns that they may have. I want to build more working relationships.

  4. Receive a small business grant: I've tried to get a grant to help my business. I would like to receive one to help with advertising. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts.

  5. I want to complete a rewire of a home. This may not be a realistic one unless I am the only one bidding on the job. I would like the challenge on rewiring a smaller home for my first opportunity.

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