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Benefits of yearly electrical inspections

Your electrical system gives warning signs that there could be trouble just like any other part of your home. You may have an issue where the vacuum that you've been using for years is plugged into the same receptacle. You are doing what you've done so many times before. This time, the breaker trips. You try to reset the breaker. It no longer trips, but you still have no power at the receptacle that you were using. You try it again after a day or so, and now you have power again. You go about your life as if it was just something random that happened.

This is a sign that your electrical system needs to be checked. Loose connections prevent current flow along a circuit. It makes equipment work harder. It often causes burning at the devices and wiring.

These checks should be done on the entire electrical system. Each piece of electrical equipment has a torque specification. This ensures that the wired connections will be tight. For homeowners who have aluminum wiring in their homes, this is very important when using aluminum connectors to merge aluminum and copper wiring together.

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